MoFi Electronics’ Ultra Low Noise Feet promise to provide effective vibration control and noise reduction for any audio component.

Developed in coordination with the acoustic experts at Harmonic Resolution Systems and featuring an outer housing of milled aluminium, MoFi’s Ultra Low Noise 4cm (1.578-inch) tall feet are claimed to lower the noise floor across the entire audio band while doing no harm in the frequency and phase domain.

MoFi Electronics’ Ultra Low Noise Feet

Simply place the component on top of the feet and use the provided level to check that everything is balanced.

Ultra Low Noise Feet are suitable for turntables, DACs, preamplifiers, CD players, power supplies, bookshelf speakers, and many other audio system components. They are available in three levels for progressively heavier components and retail as a pack of four at the same price.

MoFi Electronics’ Ultra Low Noise Feet come in three versions for progressively heavier components


ULNF8-16 feet support between 3.6-7.2 kg (8-16 pounds) specifications for four feet

ULNF16-24 feet support between 7.2 – 10.9 kg (16-24 pounds) specifications for four feet

ULNF24-32 feet support between 10.9- 14.5 kg (24-32 pounds) specifications for four feet

Price And Availability

Now available in the UK through Karma-AV’s dealer network.

Typical UK pricing (inc VAT) for pack of four: £199.00

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