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Mojo Audio of Albuquerque, New Mexico, has introduced the new Mojo Audio Mystique X DAC.

The Mojo Audio Mystique X DAC uses the same non-oversampling direct-coupled R-2R topology, NOS AD1862 ladder DAC chips, and LC choke-input power supplies, as their Mystique EVO Pro. This is all housed in an extruded aluminium chassis.

Mojo Audio Mystique X DAC

Mojo Audio Mystique X DAC


Mojo Audio says that their design is “a unique combination of 100-year-old LC choke-input power supplies, 30-year-old R-2R DAC chips, and the best-of-the-best of modern components”.


Built around Analog Devices AD1862 R-2R ladder DAC chips.

Converts PCM format files up to 24-bit 192KHz via USB, coaxial S/PDIF, and balanced AES.

Direct-coupled ultrahigh-performance Staccato class A discrete op amps.

No output transformers or coupling capacitors.

Hardware-based demultiplexing.

Independent circuits optimize linearity for L and R channels at the MSB zero voltage crossing.

Five independent power supplies with Mundorf M-Lytic AG+ 4-pole capacitors.

Lundahl ferrous core LC input chokes in the analogue power supplies.

9 Belleson SPX ultralow-noise regulators isolate IC chips, discrete modules, and clocks.

Cryo’d Kimber VSS VariStrand wire between main power supply and digital input board.

Ultra low noise Nickle Chromium resistors matched to 0.1% tolerance in analogue signal path.

S/PDIF inputs with two parallel Lundahl amorphous core transformers and NiCr resistors.

Furutech rhodium plated low mass RCA connectors directly soldered to the PC board.

Neutrik gold plated male and female XLR connectors directly soldered to the PC board.

Schurter AC input module and medical grade advanced AC input filtering.

Ground lift switch to isolate DC signal ground from Earth, chassis, and AC grounds.

Optional Stillpoints Ultra Mini, Ultra II, or Ingress Audio RollerBlock anti-resonance feet.

Field convertible from 110VAC to 250VAC both 50Hz and 60Hz.

Special order option for Japan 100VAC to 200VAC.

9″W x 4″H x 16″D and 27 pounds.


Orders are now being taken for the first production run which will be shipping mid-January 2022. Price starting at $7,777

HiFi Pig Says: A new brand name for many, although they have been making HiFi for 12 years, Mojo Audio says that they work on ‘form follows function’ principles.


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