If ‘content is king’, Monitor Audio’s new website proves the maxim they tell us about their newly launched website. “TheMAWEBSITE most complete site upgrade has delivered a fabulous blend of style and functionality, reflecting the brand’s world-famous qualities. Equipped with an extremely powerful colour-coded search engine, the new site gives our dealers and customers the most intuitive and informative introduction to our wide and expanding product range” says Monitor Audio’s press release.

The top menu is spit into four simple categories: Home Audio, Streaming Products, Custom Install and Support, with access to ‘Where to Buy’, Search and a global dealer map alongside.

From the product categories visitors will find an view of all the range options, supported by instant feature pop-ups. A search menu to the side allows them to filter by review, range, application and finish and re-prioritise the search with a new category order. On each range page a concise overview is followed by invitations to investigate individual product pages, which are come with an array of feature icons and video where appropriate. Then there’s the image gallery, window-driven guides to the technology and relevant downloads is too; together with easy-to-read displays of specs, reviews, user reviews and related product suggestions. There’s also the opportunity for owners to add their own comments. From any page position, all resources are immediately available through an ever-present side menu.

Commenting Monitor Audio International Marketing Manager Nick Banning said “the new website illuminates the spirit of Monitor Audio like never before with a fresh, logical, easy-to-navigate design packed with product insight and more ways to interact with the brand. We’re sure the Monitor Audio community worldwide will find that it communicates our core values beautifully, and by being innovative, enlightening and dynamic, we hope that it will attract new customers to the brand.”


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