Monster is expanding its Inspiration line of headphones. In addition to its over-ear model, the company hasMHINSIEBKCA128975_GLAM_01 introduced its Inspiration In-Ear headphones (SRP: £149.95). The new in-ear Inspiration headphone provides consumers with a lighter, extremely thin profile without sacrificing any of the sonic qualities of Monster Inspiration over-ear headphones. 

Founder and Head Monster Noel Lee, the audio engineer behind the sound of Beats by Dr. Dre® headphones, noted: “Our original Inspiration headphones gave serious music lovers a way to really kick up their listening experience, while at the same time expressing their personal style in new ways. Now, with Inspiration in-ear model, we’re offering much lighter designs that are ideal for business travellers and style-conscious women looking for a lighter, great sounding headphone option. For instance, thanks to our in-ear model, travellers now have a high-quality, easy-to-carry compact listening option that silences unwanted noise almost as well as a much larger noise cancelling over-ear headphone.”

They will be in both Titanium and White versions.

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