Chicago Based art rock band Muet have announced their debut self-titled album. The band features Steven Seibold, Daniel Evans and Vince McAley, who have all served time in post-industrial bands such as Pigface, Chemlab, Die Warzau and Hate Dept.

Muet is the sound of American noir. Sonically defiant art rock sung under the shadow of a long brim hat. Deliberate dissonance and heartbreaking melody stitched together beneath sodium light with tales of the tragic, the romantic and the bizarre.

A video for a single entitled ‘muscle’ has just been made available, with Muet stating that the filming of it “was the first time we had all actually played in the same room together as a band.

We made the album entirely by remote due to our singer (Steven Siebold) living a few hours away from the rest of the band in Chicago. We traded files back and forth, the band recording demos and sending them to Steven and he would send vocal takes back. Somehow, it seemed to gel quickly. So, we’re actually playing together for the first time in this video, and we are really playing, not miming along to the song like most videos. We were so excited and perhaps a little nervous to put all the pieces together and play, that it seems to give the video an endearing quality. The editing was done by Vince McAley (band drummer), while our friend Myles Arwine did a phenomenal job capturing and directing the footage. We can’t thank him enough.”

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