From May 10 to 13, 2018, the HIGH END show will once again open its doors at Munich’s MOC Event Center. This year, the internationally highly-acclaimed exhibition will already mark its 37th consecutive staging, making it Europe’s oldest trade fair of its kind.

It sets new standards and is the most important sector rendezvous of the audio industry. This is where all the key manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers from around the world come together. Over 500 exhibitors showcase their highlights and innovations in
four exhibition halls and two atriums, with 138 prominent conference rooms. It is a feature found nowhere else in the world at a trade fair of this kind.

In addition to the large, leading global players in the industry, however, there are always the smaller audio specialists who display their passion for innovation and find just the right setting at the HIGH END in Munich’s MOC. The entire industry shows its range of products and services The exhibition allows a unique insight into the market of the entire international audio industry.

The HIGH END offers the whole variety of the audio market – from analog to digital. With its wide array of products and services, the HIGH END has established itself for many years as the unrivalled and worldwide leading exhibition of the industry.

For large or small pocketbooks, young or older clientele, at the HIGH END, all music and equipment aficionados can find what they are looking for. Naturally also on display are affordable entry-level models for hi-fi novices. Consequently, the HIGH END offers the full
range of hi-fi products, whether it be small systems for those just getting started, centrally-controlled multi-room systems, headphones, turntables and, of course, the ultimate peak of technical perfection. It is in fact the “Formula One of consumer electronics”.

The HIGH END combines elegant, traditional hifi with state-of-the-art digital trends. For many people, audio is still the most important companion throughout the day. Listening to music remains consistently popular. The ways in which people listen to music are as different and multifaceted as the users themselves.

Music “flows” out of more sources than ever before. Especially in the mobile society, networked audio devices structure music consumption in new ways and offer a variety that was virtually unimaginable across the sector a few years ago. Users now have a vast library in their pocket and can retrieve the perfect song at any time for each situation.

Topics such as streaming and multi-room are becoming ever more popular, yet even vinyl records are experiencing a comeback. In the modern, more and more hectic and sophisticated world, the LP seeks to be an oasis of tranquility, where the focus is on traditional and lasting values.

Partner Event CanJam Munich 2018: CanJam to run parallel to the Show

On the public days of HIGH END 2018 (and not on the trade visitor day), the CanJam headphone show will be staged concurrently in a location next to the MOC. This exhibition caters to consumers having a special interest in headphones and mobile audio devices. That is why the admission tickets and trade visitor passes for the HIGH END 2018 are also valid for the CanJam.


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