Munich High End Show 2017 Report Part Eight including: GIK, Sugden, Innuos, Line Magnetic, Roksan, Orpheus Lab, Marten, Townshend, Bryston, Kostas Metaxas, Hegel, Quadraspire, Kharma, ReQuest Audio, Absolare, Torus Power, Atomh, Atoll, Vincent, Vienna Acoustics, AVM, Gauder Akustik, O2A Cables, Stenheim, Wadax, Fono Acustica, VTL, Soulutions, De Baer,  Rockport Technologies, Critical Mass Systems, Vandersteen, Harmonic Resolution Systems,  Brinkman, Bergman Galder, Thrax Audio, North Star, Kubala Sosna, Meitner, Emme Labs, Lanche Audio, CRTech, Vivid, Trinnov, Kronos, Goebel High End, Audio Exklusiv, FINKTEAM, Octave, esoteric, Bowers and Wilkins, Moon by SimAudio, Quadraspire, Wilson, Audiodata, Falkenohr, Soulution, Q Acoustics, Anthem, Paradigm, Audium, Furutech, fischer and Fischer, AVM, MudRa Akustik, Avantgarde Acoustic, AVID Hifi, T + A, Dali, Amphion, BMC, Live Act Audio, Dan D’Agostino, Sounus Faber, Audio Research, Meridian, Cabasse, Chord Electronics. 

GIK’s stands are always lively affairs. At Munich they were showing off their new Gotham diffusors and impression panels. These are no nonsense products that just work and our listening room uses GIK products extensively, with more to be added soon. You can read my thoughts on them here.

Sugden is a well know and well loved British brand and follow a strictly Class A formula with their amplifiers.

Innuos are everywhere at the moment with their Music servers and players. The Zenith shown here is very clever and certainly one of the best in class.

A tasty looking Line Magnetic tube amp using the 845 valve. Line magnetic are an interesting company and make a whole range of amps, CD player and DAC but also some pretty interesting looking loudspeakers based on classic designs from the 50s.

Static display of Roksans looking classy.

Orpheus Lab electronics and Marten Coltrane 3s on what look like Townshend Seismic Platforms.

A whole lotta Bryston from Canada

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