Munich High End Show 2017 Report Part Seven featuring: Nime loudspeakers, Eclipse, Axiolab, Popspeakers, Audioplus Laboratories, CAD, The Chord Company, Boenicke, CH Precision, Vivid Loudspeakers, Portento Audio, Davis Acoustics, Kalista, Blumenhofer Acoustics, Tektron, Jern loudspeakers, RD Acoustics, 440 Audio turntable, Lampizator, KR Audio, TAGA, Lehmann, Falcon Acoustics, DiDiT, Cardas, Vinni Rossi, Monitor Audio, Sugarcube, Musikelectronic Geithain, A Charlin, Questyle, Graham Audio, Mutec, Music First Audio, SOtM, Gold Note, Egglestonworks loudspeakers, Skogrand Cables, Triangle Art, Kronos, ZenSati ApS, APL HiFi, VAC, HorchHouse, Bitttner, KR Audio, Mezza Audio,  Pylon, Triangle, Lundahl, Bespoke Audio, Creek, Epos, Hifi Racks, Final

Nico Memoli and his incredible looking Nime loudspeakers. Thanks for the wine, guys;)

The Eclipse room sounded really nice but was very dark and this is the only shot we managed.

Some interesting looking speakers from Axiolab and Popspeakers. The Pop speakers were launched at this year’s Munich High End and are an active model from the Italian brand.

Audioplus Laboratories come from Italy and make a range of amps and preamps, some of which use tubes. Giovanni Grosso is the CEO of the company.



This was a really excellent room and Scott from CAD’s demonstration of his grounding boxes was pretty impressive. Great to see The Chord Company at Munich too! The Boenicke speakers are really excellent and I’ve never heard them sound anything but. This room sounded great using their new amp. A great combination of electronics, speakers and cables that married together really well.

This is a big money system featuring CH Precision electronics, Tech Das turntable and Vivid Giya G1 Spirit loudspeaker.

We like Portento Audio from Italy as they listen to suggestions. Cables appear to be well made and having used a pair of interconnects they perfom well too…they wouldn’t be in the TAD room otherwise.

Davis Acoustics come from France and have very distinctive drivers. They sell DIY kits, drivers and finished loudspeakers that are all french made so something for everyone.

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