Kalista was born at the beginning of the 2000’s in the workshop of a French Hifi handcrafter, the company Métronome Technologie, located in the countryside county of Tarn.Again completely made in France the Kalista CD player is a classic and sounded very nice indeed here at Munich High End. This CD player is definitely on the “must own” list.

Gran Gioia MK 2 loudspeakers from German manufacturer Blumenhofer Acoustics looke absolutely gorgeous and sounded great using the Mastersound amp. .

Great sound needn’t cost the earth as this room showed.

On a static stand but you have to love the aesthetics of the Tektron amplifiers from Italy.

Now these Jern loudspeakers were really interesting. Ole Lund Christensen is the designer and inside their booth I was a bit confused as to why there was what appeared to be a witches cauldron in the room, was this some sort of witchcraft? Well no, the speakers are made out of cast iron…they weigh an absolute ton and sounded very good indeed in a holographic kind of way.


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