Henley Audio has announced the immediate availability of the new Musical Fidelity M3x Vinyl phono stage for turntables with moving magnet (MM) and moving coil (MC) cartridge systems.

Musical Fidelity M3x Vinyl

The new Musical Fidelity M3x Vinyl l is the first phono stage for the M3 level of the brand’s M-Series range of electronics, and benefits from a full feature set and a discrete circuit layout.

The M3x Vinyl features include: Compatibility for MM and MC cartridges.  Accurate RIAA equalisation network. Gain boost feature.  Adjustable impedance for MC cartridges. Adjustable capacitance for MM cartridges. Special low core saturation toroidal transformer. Zero standby power consumption. Quality RCA inputs and outputs. Sturdy construction with M-Series aesthetic. Discrete circuitry throughout the signal path and minimal electromagnetic interference.

Musical Fidelity M3x Vinyl Phonostage

Musical Fidelity M3x Vinyl Phonostage in black

M6X Vinyl

The M3x Vinyl has drawn inspiration from the superior M6x Vinyl design and features an entirely discrete circuitry, which results in better technical measurements and better sound. Discrete circuits use individual electrical devices, like transistors, throughout the electrical circuit (discrete components), as opposed to integrated circuits, which feature devices such op-amps.

Split-Passive Equalisation

The M3x Vinyl also employs split-passive equalisation in separate amplification stages for its RIAA curve. This is more costly than the typical single EQ network in a feedback loop design chosen by many, but it ensures the most accurate reproduction of the ideal EQ curve. Split-passive equalisation also allows for better impedance matching, further optimising the electrical path the music flows through.

Environmentally Friendly

The M3x Vinyl is also the first to feature a new proprietary power solution that has zero standby power consumption, recognising the company’s awareness of a growing interest in more environmentally friendly products within the hifi industry.

Technical Data

Frequency Response: RIAA or RIAA/IEC ± 0.2dB (MM) RIAA or RIAA/IEC ± 0.3dB (MC)

Input Sensitivity: 5mV in for 500mV out (at 1 kHz) (MM) 500μV in for 500mV out (at 1 kHz) (MC)

Input Impedance: 47kΩ (MM) 25Ω – 1200Ω, selectable (MC)

Input Capacitance: 50 – 400pF, selectable (MM)

Gain: 40dB (MM) 60dB (MC)

Gain Boost: + 6dB

THD +N: < 0.028% (MM) < 0.28% (MC)

Signal to Noise Ratio: 71dB (MM) 59dB (MC)

Crosstalk: Better than 100dB (MM) Better than 90dB (MC)

Inputs: 1 x RCA Pair

Outputs: 1 x RCA Pair

Power Consumption: 20W Max. (0W in standby)

Dimensions (w x h x d): 440 x 105 x 390mm

Weight: 6.59kg

Price And Availability

Made in the EU

M3x Vinyl: £1,200.00 (SRP)

The Musical Fidelity M3x Vinyl is available across the UK now with a Black or Silver faceplate.

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