MUTEC GmbH, manufacturer of professional and audiophile consumer audio equipment, has announced a design refresh of the corporate identity and product face plates.

It was the year 1989 – the first Love Parade draws a crowd of about 150 ravers to Berlin’s Kurfürstendamm laying the foundation for years of techno revolution to follow. The very same year Christian Peters, CEO of MUTEC GmbH, registered his business for the first time with the city of Berlin. Together with a classmate of the time, an audio engineer at the former Teldec studios in Berlin, he was musing about the appropriate name for the newly conceived company in his home’s party room. From the start it was clear to them both that the brand name should symbolise the liaison between music and technology. So the name and its maiden spelling came to be: Mu-Tech.

It was Christian Peters himself who constructed the earliest company logo on a drafting machine during his studies of crafts and electronics. Later on in the 1990s, the logo was reworked by a local design agency and the name was changed to the current MUTEC version to reflect the international commercialisation of the brand on a visual level. Today, about 28 years later, MUTEC is getting ready for the next evolution of the brand:

The new design is a more elegant, more focused approach to the brand. Yet, it represents an evolution of the previous design that is instantly recognisable and can coexist with existing design elements. The logo mark is sharper and more minimalist compared to its predecessor, while the updated brand and headline font lends a more contemporary feel. The characteristic ellipse of the old logo is still an inherent element at the core of the design, but it’s fragmented in its application giving the brand more dynamics. Apart from the logo mark, the headline font, and the expressive red swing, the corporate design refresh will also introduce updated product logos and front panels of existing MC series products. Starting with the MC-3+ Smart Clock USB these units will be gradually changed to updated front panels. However, there will be no functional differences of these updated products. MUTEC will unveil the MC-3+ Smart Clock USB with its updated face plates at the upcoming High End show in Munich this May.

MUTEC’s new visual identity marks an important step for the company communicating its current focus on the HiFi consumer audio market. New products in the near future will be even better suited to exceed expectations of the HiFi market and the new design is ideally suited to match these products.

The logo re-design and partial updates of the corporate design were executed by the Cologne based designer and art director Katrin Imhof.

MUTEC will gradually implement the new design in all marketing and sales channels in the upcoming months.


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