Following on from the new Liberty Headphone amp announcement last week, Mytek Audio has announced a whole load of new products to be launched throughout 2021 following the shifting of production to the new larger factory in Poland that took place last Summer.

This change, originally prompted, say Mytek, by a loss of confidence in previous manufacturer and EU distributor, coincides with development of Mytek’s new product platform, based on Roon OS and Linux Audio. This created the strategic need to update all of the new Mytek streaming DACs to this new platform. Consequently, most of Mytek existing products have been discontinued and will no longer be available.

Left to right new Mytek products for 2021: Brooklyn Bridge II, Liberty Headphone Amp, Liberty Phono and Liberty DAC II

Empire Streamer

A selection of nine brand new products will be released in 2021, beginning with the Flagship $20K Empire Streamer. In addition, Mytek’s own recently established EU Branch, Mytek Europe Corporation in Warsaw, Poland has become the European Distributor for Mytek Products, effective since November the 1st, 2020. HEM Electronics is no longer representing Mytek, nor are they involved in any way with Mytek business.

Brooklyn, New York

The new factory will manufacture all new models with exception of the Empire Streamer, which is currently being assembled at Mytek’s Brooklyn, New York facility. Mytek’s vision for new products during the 2021 calendar year, by product series, will be as follows, we will bring more detailed info as it is released:

Mytek Liberty Series

A selection of very compact, high performance “one function” products:

February 28th 2021 – Liberty THX AAA™ Headphone Amplifier $/€ 1,495     

March 15th 2021 – Liberty DAC II  PCM/DSD/MQA/HPA  DAC $/€ 995

April 15th 2021 – Liberty Phono Preamplifier with built-in SU Transformer $/€ 1,495

Mytek Brooklyn Series

Compact, high performance, “feature packed” products:

Shipping now – Brooklyn Power Amp+  (dual-mono, 2x 250W, Fast class D) $/€ 2,495

April 30th 2021 –  Brooklyn Bridge II w/ROON Core, DAC, preamp, HPA & phono $/€ 3,495

Mytek Manhattan Series

Models are full size, ultra high performance products

Summer   2021 – Manhattan Dual-mono Power Amp  (GanFET module, 2x 200W)        $/€ 6,995

Summer   2021 – Manhattan Bridge w/ROON Core, DAC, preamp, HPA & phono           $/€ 6,995

Mytek Empire Series

“Cost no object”, flagship products:

February 2021 –  Empire Streamer Bridge w/ROON Core, DAC, preamp, HPA & phono  $/€ 19,995

Summer 2021 –  Empire Mono block power amplifier  (GanFET module, 1000 watts)  $/€  9,995 ea.

Each of Mytek’s four product series has its own unique narrative; a Liberty component provides a single dedicated function in a “feature rich” package. The Brooklyn series is like a multi-faceted swiss army knife, heavy on the number of functions, but each one implemented to a very high standard. Manhattan offers the end user genuine high-end audio performance. Finally, the new Empire series offers a cost-no-object implementation of numerous cutting-edge technologies.

New Technologies

Several very significant in-house designed technologies will make their way into the 2021 Mytek product lineup. They include (i) the new Linux-based Mytek OS Platform to be found in all three Mytek streaming products and (ii) the Mytek GanFET Power Module for amplifier output stages, using ultra fast Gallium Nitrate FET transistors. This technology will be used in the Empire and Manhattan power amplifiers.

Ongoing Support

Finally, at the time of this news release, Mytek’s official corporate website. will have undergone a significant update to clearly indicate these product lineup changes. Of equal importance, complete product support and information for “just” discontinued models will remain available on the website.

About Mytek Audio

Mytek was founded in New York City by Michal Jurewicz in 1992. He began working at Manhattan’s famed Hit Factory recording studio in 1989 with the likes of Paul Simon, Billy Joel and Barbara Streisand, recording to analog tape. Here he learned the “ins and outs” of what a great recording was supposed to sound like and which equipment was necessary to achieve this. Famously, he repaired a room full of broken equalizers, amplifiers and compressors that were just too complex for the other technicians to handle. It was this reputation that landed him a job as Skyline Studios’ tech engineer. Skyline was the home of legendary music producer Nile Rogers and the preferred studio for the likes of Mariah Carey and James Taylor.

While at Skyline, Michal developed solutions to help improve the workflow and sound quality of the new digital systems. It was here that Mytek was born 1992. From the very beginning, artist and producers praised the sound quality of Mytek equipment. Soon almost every NYC recording studio had a “Mytek Private Q” headphone monitoring system and those using Mytek first analog-to-digital converters produced recordings that didn’t suffer from the harsh sound that was so typical of the digital recordings from the 1990’s.

Since then Mytek has continuously innovated; From pioneering 18, 20, 24 and now 32-bit PCM recording to being part of the “DSD Super Audio CD Project” and today helping to develop MQA mastering and playback. Most recently, as digital audio and internet distribution began to evolve together, the barrier of audio quality between the professional studio and the home has vanished. It was with this eye towards the future that Mytek began designing playback equipment for music lovers, not just music makers. Today the same equipment used to create timeless music is accessible for a lifelong enjoyment of music.

Mytek currently maintains two physical locations for Sales, R&D, Support and Distribution: Mytek Audio Headquarters in Brooklyn, New York and Mytek Europe Corporation, the EU Branch in Warsaw, Poland.

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