NAD Electronics have combined their Direct Digital Amplifier and Modular Design Construction (MDC) concepts, to introduce the C 390DD Direct Digital DAC/Amplifier, which is now available in UK.

Direct Digital Amplification promises a pure digital path, while MDC endows the C 390DD with the same future ready flexibility that has recently distinguished NAD’s leading audio/video components.

The C 390DD boasts a healthy 150 watts per channel and “can power demanding high-end loudspeakers”. The C 390DD has no analogue stages in the signal path, keeping the music in the digital domain right up to the speaker outputs. This is a true digital amplifier or perhaps “a DAC that amplifies” boasting 35-bit architecture and a precision 108 MHz master clock.

“The NAD C 390DD is not only a new concept in amplification, but also in audio system architecture,” commented Greg Stidsen, NAD Director of Technology and Product Planning. “The popularity of music downloads – especially high resolution 24/96 audio files – has many audiophiles rethinking their traditional system architecture with CD players being replaced by computers and network attached storage devices. The C 390DD offers plug-and-play convenience to this new world of computer audio while offering a significant performance advantage due to the short signal path and high speed operation that is unique to this design.”

The C 390DD comes with 8 inputs, but can be expanded to 14 with optional MDC modules. Included are 5 SPDIF inputs including AES/EBU, and the DD USB-1 MDC Module, which includes a host USB and 24/96 asynchronous USB device for direct connection of a Mac or PC. The optional MDC modules currently available include the DD HDMI-1 with 3 x I2S HDMI inputs (with video pass through), and DD AP-1 offering both balanced and single-ended analogue line inputs along with an MM/MC Phono stage.

A nifty feature is that inputs can be activated or hidden, and can also be renamed to reflect the specific source component attached. Listening Mode, Polarity, and SoftClipping™ can also all be easily selected and adjusted. There are also tone controls, a DSP-based crossover for adding a subwoofer or bi-amplification, and a Room EQ function for fine-tuning the bass response of loudspeakers. A RS-232 port, IR inputs/outputs and 12V triggers are included to make integration with home systems simple and effective. The existing features can be upgraded with a simple software update.

UK price is around £2,200.00

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