The successor to First Watt’s SIT-1 and SIT-2 amplifiers is now going into production.  Like them, the new SIT-3 uses a Static Induction Transistor (VFET) in the power stage of a simple no-feedback amplifier.   

The SIT-1 and 2 operated the SIT device in Common Source Mode, which delivers both voltage and current gain.  The SIT-3 operates in Common Drain Mode, which delivers only current gain.

Nelson Pass says: “While a lot of people love them, the SIT-1 and SIT-2 have the kind of distortion figures (deliberately) that the ‘Measurements-are-God’ folks would shake their heads at.  The SIT-3 has 1/5 the distortion, so is more mainstream.”

SIT-3 Specifications

Maximum output                           18 watts @ 8 ohms,


30 watts @ 4 ohms

Input Impedance                           200 Kohms

Gain                                               11 dB  non-inverting phase

Damping Factor                             30

Frequency Response                    10 – 50 Khz – 3dB

Suggested Retail Price                  $4,000




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