TAGA Harmony have launched their newest series of in-ceiling active speakers with the first model in the line, the RB-1650BT.

The RB-1650BT is a 2 x 30W RMS active speaker paired with a passive one. It allows an audio installation where you can stream music wirelessly via Bluetooth® (music and the Internet radio) or wired via the additional stereo line input (RCA / 3.5mm).

Unique features like remote control, front and rear IR receivers, RS-232 port, programmable Auto Standby and Bass / Treble regulations help to integrate the RB-1650BT into an audio-visual installation. The daisy-chain connection allows you to connect many pairs of RB BT speakers to the main speaker and build a very large AV installation. The speaker also features two built-in high-efficiency 30W RMS amplifiers. Their low working temperature (Class D amp) and external power supply allows for placement in closed areas. The drivers are a 1” TPTTD Taga Pure Titanium Tweeter Dome and a 6.5” Kevlar® mid-woofer. The magnetic grilles are white and can be painted.





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