TCI Cables have been manufactured at their base in Lisburn, Northern Ireland for over 20 years. Their first product, TCI Cobra, was originally designed in 1993 and although refined over the years, remains largely true to its original design.

True Colours Industries not only design the cables but also the plugs that terminate the connection. This includes mains plugs, RCA phono plugs and 4mm speaker plugs. The highest quality connectors designed by TCI are marketed under the True-Plug™ brand and feature the use of materials such as Gold plated Beryllium Copper and Silver plated Tellurium Copper alloys as well as Rhodium plated mains plugs.

They have released the following new products:


Fierce                       £100/1 mtr pr

Moccasin                  £150/1 mtr pr

Mamba                     £200/1 mtr pr

Cobra SE (Pictured) £400/1 mtr pr

Cobra SE – XLR       £500/1 mtr pr

Speaker cables:

Python biwire             £40/mono mtr

Power cables:

Herald                         £90 /1mtr lead

King Constrictor          £400/1 mtr lead

Boa Constrictor           £700/1.5 mtr lead

Herald 6 way distribution block  – UK Model £120/1 mtr lead

Temple SE 6 way distribution block – EU model  £325/1 mtr lead

TCI have also announced that they have appointed Audioplus, based in Den Haag, to represent them in Benelux.



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