Coherent Cabling Solutions have been producing bespoke DC umbilical cables for just as long as we have been producing speakers cables. They can produce virtually any configuration of DC cabling you require, from a basic single rail supply right up to many multiple dual rail supplies in one carrier.

Voltage ranges from 1.8Vdc right up to 100Vdc with currents ranging from 250ma up to 120amps.

Raw Drawn Wire

All Coherent Cabling is fabricated from a raw drawn wire (their own material design and manufacture), bespoke high voltage dielectrics and Coherent shielding products. They have extensive R&D and electrical lab facilities where their products are rigorously developed and tested. They pay particular attention to in-depth spectral analysis for conducted and radiated emissions, plus harmonic noise identification.

Coherent Systems QP-1 Linear Power Supply

Coherent’s design for the QP range of power supplies uses some innovative design criteria that keep both the conducted and radiated electrical noise and electromagnetic emissions not just to CE testing standards (CISPER 16 + 20 both AC & DC measurements all parts for conducted, radiated and immunity ratings) but way below this threshold.

Custom-designed ‘power packs’ capable of 20 amps peak and 14 amps nominal are fitted to the QP-1 (single rail) QP-2 (dual rail can be either two positive or a +/- outputs) with voltages up 28Vdc in this configuration. They also use bespoke toroidal transformers with ratings from 120va to 5Kva. Each transformer has a dedicated EMC screen which sits between the primary and secondary windings. This screen is grounded to earth which greatly assists with preventing any interference between the pair of windings plus is known to improve leakage current. They also put in place a high silicone content, grain orientated band which surrounds the transformers, lastly, the unit is fully potted.

In the pre bridge rectifier section a specially designed line filter to remove a great amount of the incoming common mode noise and harmonic content. Further filtration stages are implemented along the way before entering the regulation stage where fine voltage trimming and filtering take place. The internal enclosure is also screened with EMC materials and Furutech IEC inlet devices are used as standard.


Prices start from £195 for a single rail 1m DC power cable

Prices start from £600 for a QP-1 single rail

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