Cambridge Audio’s DACMagic XS is now available in 4 new colours.

The  new red, blue, gold and titanium finishes join the original black model and are available today for £100._Users_Lawrence.CMC_AppData_Local_Temp_{32ebb7e3-5d28-4445-a48c-98dee68e42e6}_Image1

Smaller than a matchbox and cased in aluminium, the Digital to Analogue Converter and headphone amplifier “gives your computer audio quality a major boost and unlocks the full potential of your music and films” says the company’s press release.

DacMagic XS uses technology from Cambridge Audio’s high-end DACs. But it is not just for audiophiles – anything from MP3s to high resolution lossless files, streaming services such as Spotify, Skype, games and films will all dramatically benefit.


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