KEF has announced the launch of three new finishes for its LS50 loudspeakers.

The new finishes are Racing Red, Titanium Grey and Frosted Black, all of which enhance the appeal of what must be one of the most well received small loudspeakers. The LS50 was designed to celebrate KEF’s 50th anniversary, and was conceived as a ‘mini monitor’ derived from the legendary LS3/5a, to bring professional studio monitor performance into the home.KEF_LS50_colours

The three new finishes are designed to enable the LS50s to be compatible with a wide range of contemporary interior designs. This ensures the LS50s are capable of being a harmonious and attractive presence in any home environment, enhancing the décor of the consumer’s home just as they improve the sound of music playback.

The new Frosted Black version utilises a cool matte finish and KEF’s striking signature blue cone, also used on the white finish, while the Racing Red finish is designed to complement bold and dramatic interior designs. The Titanium Grey finish uses a copper cone, based on the driver designed for KEF’s Reference Series loudspeakers.

All three new finishes use intricately layered textures between the cabinet, baffle, cone and driver surround, to extend and fulfill the aesthetic promise of the LS50s’ original design philosophy.

Availability: November 2015 Price: £800.00 (pair)


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