We visited the offices of Triangle a couple of months ago in Bordeaux, France and had the opportunity not only to meet the guys behind the brand but also listen to their flagship loudspeakers. You’ll get to read our write up in this month’s magazine published 2nd July.

One of the things that stood out from our visit was the whole process of creating a loudspeaker from start to finish and the care they put into each part of the process.
Triangle has now decided to relocate part of its manufacturing process to France, with the view of producing speakers utilising the expertise and the experience of its local teams.

“The Signature and Magellan range has been created thanks to the efforts of craftsmen whose experience in the domain of acoustics and aesthetic design speaks for itself. This form of luxury craftsmanship combines the finest woodwork with Triangle’s acoustic expertise. Each product benefits from many hours of work and inspection to obtain the impeccable design and finishing that is essential to any Triangle product” said Hugo Decelle of Triangle.

Whilst in their offices the team were keen to give us a sneak peek of their brand new video that outlines the company’s philosophy of loudspeaker design and manufacture. Take a look

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