The Debut turntable from Pro-Ject was introduced in the late 1990s, the latest model in the series’ is the Debut III S Audiophile, and with it Pro-Ject Audio Systems have introduced some advanced features to enhance the look and performance in new ways.

The  Debut III S Audiophile features the new S-shape tonearm, making this model the first widely available Debut design to not include a straight tonearm. The tonearm is supplied with a brand new Ortofon cartridge pre-installed. Designed exclusively for Pro-Ject Audio Systems, the Pick-IT 25 A is a moving-magnet cartridge based on the popular Ortofon OM series, but it employs highly conductive silver spools in the generator system. Elsewhere, the Debut III S Audiophile uses the well-recognised Debut design and includes the same belt-drive motor, AC generator and 12” platter assembly as the award-winning Debut Carbon model for a silent, stable record rotation. Performance is improved to new levels thanks to the specially developed aluminium/TPE isolation feet. Inspired by more expensive designs in the Pro-Ject range, the new feet effectively decouple the playback platform from unwanted vibrations.

Pro-Ject Audio Systems have also unveiled of their new ultra-modern facility in Mistelbach – a small town to the north of Vienna. The new offices house all of the company’s staff, including marketing, design, technical, service and assembly personnel. The opening of their headquarters also coincided with the expansion of the company’s turntable factory in the Czech Republic, increasing the production capabilities of this world-leading analogue company. To mark the occasion, Pro-Ject Audio Systems have rebranded themselves with a new company logo – and the Debut III S Audiophile is the first to include this new brand identity in its design.

In addition to the new ‘P’ logo on the top of the high-gloss MDF plinth, the Debut III S Audiophile also includes the full Pro-Ject logo on the supplied dust cover. Elsewhere, other convenient features include the supplied Connect-IT E turntable-ready RCA cables and the included felt mat.

SRP £325.00

The Pro-Ject Debut III S Audiophile is available across the UK now. Available in Black or White finish.

The Debut III S Audiophile will be on demonstration at the Bristol Show in Room 418.

Keep up to date with all the Bristol Show 2018 News here.


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