Pioneer has announced the release of the PD-70AE, its new flagship SACD player & Digital to Analogue converter (DAC).

Featuring original technologies for pickup control and ‘Quiet Drive’, the player incorporates dual ESS DAC chips, XLR terminals with fully balanced circuitry, and discrete analogue/digital power supplies.

Fully Balanced Circuitry

From digital to analogue conversion to analogue signal output, the whole analogue process is routed via a full-balanced circuit featuring independent left and right channels. When connected to an amplifier with a balanced (XLR) input, the common impedance effects encountered when transmitting an analogue signal can be minimised.

Works as a standalone D/A Converter 

In addition to being a SACD/CD player, the PD-70AE also functions as a standalone DAC for other digital audio sources. The DAC uses dual ESS DAC chips.

Discrete Analogue/Digital Power Supplies

The digital and analogue circuits each have their own discrete power supplies.

Custom Electrolytic Capacitors for High-Quality Audio

Custom electrolytic capacitors for high-grade audio have been selected through repeated trials while listening to SACD and CD sound. 

Lock Range Adjust Function

The function allows you to make fine adjustments in the DAC’s lock range to reduce jitter in the input signal. Adjustments can be made in six steps, with the default set at Range 6. Ranges 1 to 3 are intended for fine-tuning

3-mode Digital Filter

The digital filter lets you fine-tune the sonic characteristics of the DAC – ‘Slow’ for soft and warm, ‘Sharp’ for solid and tight, and ‘Short’ for a quick and forward sound.


Rigid Under Base Construction

The PD-70AE uses Pioneer’s trademark Rigid Under Base which works to eliminate external vibrations.

Shielded CD Drive Case with Anti-Vibration Paint

The CD drive is housed in a shielded case with a honeycomb-imprinted top cover and anti-vibration paint. The drive base is securely fixed to an aluminum-alloy frame and placed within a damped, floating structure.



PD-70AE – £1999.99, available in either black or silver, in November.


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