Tokyo-based manufacturers of analogue and digital audio and video cable Furutech are celebrating their 25th FI-15 Plus-Ganniversary with the introduction of reworked versions of their very first FI-15 IEC and AC power connectors.

The new FI-15 Plus series features a new plating technique which Furutech say “delivers sonic improvements with a more durable finish, as well as a newly designed body for firm cable grip and resonance control”.

Four connectors make up the new series:two IEC connectors FI-15 Plus (R) and FI-15 Plus (G), and two US-style AC connectors FI-15M Plus (R) and FI-15M Plus (G). The R and G denote rhodium or 24k gold plating of the pure copper conductors.

All FI-15 Plusconnectors feature Furutech’s Floating Field Damper System designed to prevent induced magnetic fields, nylon/fiberglass main bodies and inner cover plates, and polycarbonate cable-damping clamps with stainless-steel screws. All can accommodate cable diameters ranging from 6.6mm to 15mm.

FI-15 Plus (R): £44

FI-15 Plus (G):£42

FI-15M Plus (R):£44

FI-15M Plus (G): £42

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