The guys at Native DSD have just got in touch to tell us about their new compilation album called 8 Ensembles in 1 Bit(2015). It has tunes by Breno Virícimo Group, Thomas & Eva, The Pipays, Kobra Ensemble, Merel Vercammen & Ketevan Roinishvili, De Gebroeders Harteveld & Fretz, New Amsterdam Voices and Odd Pearls and is currently the best selling album on Native DSD.
Producer/Engineers Jared Sacks and Daan van Aalst have pooled their expertise in music production and recording in very high resolution audio. Their goal is to put together the best system for recording and reproducing music at the highest quality with recordings in the new DSD 256fs (quad rate DSD) format, although 8 Ensembles is available in DSD 256, 128 and 64.
The music on 8 Ensembles in 1 Bit is provided in both stereo and multichannel sound formats in the recorded resolution DSD 256fs (quad rate DSD.JL002

Tom Caulfield, the Mastering Engineer at Native DSD used specially developed software from Jussi Laako (the maker of the Signalyst HQ Player software player) for the conversion from DSD 256fs to DSD 128fs and DSD 64fs.

Once the three sets of Stereo and Multichannel DSD files were completed, the tracks were then converted from the DFF to the DSF file format. This enables Native DSD to add metadata to the recorded tracks. Finally the DSF tracks, cover art and album booklet in Acrobat PDF format are uploaded to Native DSD ‘s server where they can be purchased and downloaded.

Expect a review in the next few weeks.

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