Burson have introduced two new products aimed squarely at the headfi marketplace,Burson the Burson Conductor SL9018 (pictured) and the Conductor SL1793.

The Conductor SL9018 is a streamlined version of the company’s already well established Conductor whilst the Conductor SL1793 is an enhanced version of Burson’s HA-160D.

The SL9018 will retail for $1550 whilst the SL1793 will be available for $1250. Both products will be released in June.

The SL9018 is a headphone amplifier, 32bit 200K DAC and 24bit 192K USB asynchronous DAC with fully discrete circuitry, a fully symmetrical FET input stage and will operate in pure class A mode. The 2 levels output stage will deliver 0.18W to 2W which Burson say will offer perfect control for any headphone. The SL9018 has 1 line level input using RCA inputs and 3 digital inputs.

The SL1793 is also a headphone amplifier and DAC and offers the same output power, uses the same USB receiver but differs in that it uses a Burr Brown 24 bit 192 PCM1793 DAC rather than the ESS9018 Sarb DAC of the SL9018.

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