Since it was covered in the Hifi Pig newsletter, there have been several improvements to the bliss project. Dan Gravell pointed out several of these to us.

According to Dan, the two that really stand out are “a sexy new user interface and tag correction.”
‘Tag correction’ is part of Dan’s vision of music library management being all about “The Three Cs; consistency, correctness and completeness”. Tag correction ensures the information in your digital music library is canonically correct, fixing mis-spellings or misunderstandings when information was originally entered.
For example, genre information when ripping CDs can sometimes be flat-out wrong, and so bliss can identify this and suggest an alternative.
Tag correction works alongside existing consistency setting). So, as an example, let’s say you have a rule to ensure genres are always stored in “Sentence case”. That means suggested alternatives will always be in sentence case (“Acid jazz” rather than “Acid Jazz”) to ensure both correctness and consistency. There are many different consistency rules to set up, governing things such as track number padding, genre consolidation, capitalisation, trimming and more.
Having completed tag correction, Dan is turning his mind to new features!
bliss runs on Windows, OS X and Linux, and there are also special customised versions to run on NAS drives (Synology, QNAP) and the software is already integrated into some music servers. There’s a free version which fixes 100 albums you can download from the website.

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