Clones Audio got in touch with us to tell us about their all new 25iR stereo integrated amplifier with remote control function.25ir_main

The new design features separated power supply for the remote control and improved power supply for the main section.

Remote Control has a learning function which will allow you to teach the URC-R6 commands from other remote controls.

There will be 3 unbalanced RCA stereo inputs and 2 sets of high-quality 5-way binding posts which will host speaker cables with banana plugs or spades, or just bare speaker wire.


Output power: 25W+25W (8ohms)

Input impedance: 10k ( unbalanced only, 3 inputs )

Gain: 30dB

Signal to Noise Ratio: &lt95dB (min)


Weight: 6.0kg

* 5 year warranty



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