New Italian audio brand Pegaso may be just a year old, but already it comes with decades of design expertise and a wealth of hi-fi know-how, thanks to the company’s family tree. The new brand plans to specialise  purely on valve-based electronics. First ‘out of the stable’ is the P50A integrated amplifier.

“Pegaso products are, and will always be, built around valves, and conceived, designed and manufactured in Italy,” says AF Group SRL, the dynamic company that owns the award-winning Audio Analogue brand and which is now leveraging the significant experience gained in creating solid state electronics, to launch a new venture in collaboration with a team of specialised valve electronics designers. “It’s a new chapter in our history, but with the same goal: to craft reference-quality audio electronics”.

The Pegaso brand, says the company, represents “a perfect union between tradition and progress – the warm and involving sound of valves married with the highly technical and sophisticated design philosophy of decades of solid state experience.” The brand name and logo – Pegasus, the mythological winged horse – was chosen to symbolise the desired result: a sound quality of great power and character, precise and dynamic, yet also rich in nuances with the freedom to ‘take off’ with a vibrant lightness of touch, says their recent press release.

The first product in the Pegaso range is the P50A, a fully balanced 50W integrated class A amplifier. The circuit design is purposefully simple: the preamplifier section is limited to input selection and volume control, while the power amplifier stage is made up of 4 x 6922 and 4 x KT90 valves in push-pull configuration.

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