Rotel have announced three new product launches in the US. These include Rotel’s first USB Digital-to-Analog Converter, a new Stereo Preamplifier with onboard DAC and two Class A/B Stereo Power Amplifiers.

RB-1582MKII Stereo Power AmplifierRotel2

The RB-1582MKII is Rotel’s largest stereo amplifier at 200 watts per channel that provides the massive current needed to drive the largest hi-fi systems.

The RB-1582MKII’s has a large toroidal transformer combined with a total of 60,000uF storage capacity in “slit foil” capacitors to provide completely stable power to the output stage. Both the left and right channel construction are laid out in a mono block design (after the toroidal transformer) and all grounding is terminated in a star pattern on a copper grounding plate to ensure low signal to noise.The output stage is a discrete design that consists of 10 high current bipolar transistors per channel.Input options consist of both balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA connectors.

The RB-1582 is available in Matte Black or Brushed Silver finish at a cost of €1599.

RB-1552MKII Stereo Power Amplifier

The RB-1552MKII is a 120-watt per channel class A/B amplifier with features that include an over-sized power supply featuring a low magnetic field toroidal transformer and high-current bipolar output transistors.The RB-1552MKII features independent left and right power rectification stages and decoupling, and is essentially a mono block design.  Input options are balanced XLR or unbalanced RCA connectors.

The RB-1552MKII is available in Matte Black or Brushed Silver finish at €999

RC-1570 Stereo PreamplifierRotel_1

Both analogue and digital sources have been given equal consideration as today’s listener often has several digital sources, but may also enjoy formats like vinyl LPs and hence the preamp has a moving magnet phonostage as well as four digital inputs (2 co-ax and 2 optical), plus the PC-USB on the rear panel, handles digital sources up to 24/192 resolution. A Wolfson stereo D/A converter handles critical conversion from digital data to analogue.  Analog inputs include balanced XLR connectors in addition to four pair of conventional RCA inputs.

The RC-1570 is available in Matte Black or Brushed Silver finish at a price of €999.

RDD-1580 Digital to Analogue ConverterRDD1580-Black-Front

The RDD-1580 uses dual Wolfson WM8740s in a complementary configuration which Rotel says reduces noise and distortion well beyond what a single converter can provide.

A front panel USB input supports Apple iPod®, iPhone®, and iPad® as well as streaming via Bluetooth with the included adapter.The rear panel PC-USB input will support files up to 24 bit/192kHz in asynchronous mode.  Two sets of rear panel RCA-style coaxial and TOSlink optical digital inputs are optimized for LPCM data streams. This includes CD’s 16-bit/44.1 kHz standard to high definition sources with 24-bit/192 kHz audio data.

The RDD-1580 provides both single-ended and balanced outputs with RCA and XLR connections respectively.

The RDD-1580 is available in Matte Black or Brushed Silver finish at €799.


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