With the release of her hotly-anticipated debut EP just around the corner, Irish artist LAOISE is pleased to share the first single from it.

Taking her cues from the silky production of acts like NAO, Melanie Martinez and Skott-  LAOISE is an Irish electro-pop artist hailing from Galway, Ireland. Incorporating elements of synth, indie and alternative, she was brought up on a diet of theatrical, iconic pop – and deeply inspired by household names like Kate Bush and David Bowie – setting her in good stead to create the startling, sparkling pop she presents to us today.laoise-news-dec

Growing up playing the violin and piano before teaching herself the guitar at 11, LAOISE began writing at the age of 15, experimenting mainly with the above, before exploring the shiny buoyancy electronics can offer. Her lyrics draw inspiration from feelings of anxiety and angst, many of which reveal inclinations of hopelessness and despair which she defiantly contrasts with confidence and complacency.

LAOISE was inspired to write the EP when she was at a halfway point in her recovery from mental and physical difficulties, hence the title ‘Halfway’. This resulted in LAOISE experimenting with various genres and sounds as she began to rebuild and reinvent herself along with her music. On the brooding, ‘You’ noted for it’s silky R&B-esque hooks, she says:

“The idea was to write a song restricted to only three chords to see how far I could take it and I ended up loving its vocal melody and its lyrical content. Its progression and structure changed a lot during its production with Seán (Behan), and it became the most suitable as an introduction to my new music and what it contains. It’s also really fun to dance to (especially while wearing pink).”

‘Halfway’ was recorded and produced by Seán Behan, (A Place Called Kai Studios), in a spare room in his parent’s house. The entirety of it was produced using one ramshackle microphone and an equally ancient laptop, making LAOISE’s pristine and glittering output all the more impressive. Take a listen now and experience this bright new light for yourself! You won’t regret it.

‘You’ is out now on A Place Called Kai
‘Halfway’ EP due out end of January

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