Linn has launched their new Akurate range with the addition of Katalyst DAC Architecture to the Akurate DS, Akurate DSM and Akurate Exaktbox.

Katalyst is Linn’s 4th generation digital-to-analogue conversion technology and is already available in the Klimax range, of which we recently reviewed the Kimax DS,  and in Akubarik and Akudorik speakers. It is now available as an upgrade for existing owners and also as standard for all new Akurate units.



Five key aspects have been improved with the Katalyst DAC design including noise isolation, independent, isolated power supplies, Linn-designed data optimisation stage, a single high precision clock and a new low distortion analogue output driver.

Akurate DS is a dedicated network music player priced at £6,300 with the upgrade at £1,800. Akurate DSM has additional inputs for external sources and is priced at £7,500 for the new unit and £1,800 for the upgrade. Akurate Exaktbox has an on-board Exakt digital crossover for your speakers and is available for owners of Linn loudspeakers and selected speakers from other manufacturers (including B&W 802 Diamond, KEF Reference 3 & 5, PMC twenty.26). Pricing for the Akurate Exaktbox 6-channel is £4,950 or £1,200 for the upgrade and for the Akurate Exaktbox 10-channel prices are £6,550 and £1,600 for the upgrade.


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