Fyne Audio will be unveiling two key products at the Bristol Show this year. The first model in the new premium high-end F700 range, the F702 (£6,000) and the new Fyne Audio Flagship, the F1-12 (£26,000).

The F702 (pictured) is be the middle model in the forthcoming F700 series which is likely to have a bigger F703 floorstander above and an F700 stand mount below. There is also room for a compact F701 floorstander if the distributors demand it. Currently, the other models are all in prototype stage but the F702 will be available from Fyne dealers April 2019.

The Fyne Audio F702 has luxury features such as deep gloss piano lacquer, over black, white or grain walnut veneer on a hand-crafted cabinet built from high density birch plywood. It has a machined aluminium plinth to form a solid base for Fyne’s patent pending BassTrax LF diffuser. The 200mm (8in) IsoFlare point source drive unit uses high-end technology trickled down from Fyne’s Flagship F1 series loudspeakers.  Within the F702 crossover, wiring and terminals also owe much to Fyne’s F1 research and design investment. Low loss laminated core inductors, Claritycap’s capacitors and Van den Hul silver plated internal wiring are used. The entire crossover is then Deep Cryogenically Treated .

Following on the global success of the Fyne Audio F1-10, Fyne Audio is pleased to announce the next step in the line’s evolution to take up flagship position in the Scottish brand’s growing loudspeaker portfolio, the F1-12. Pictures are yet to be released, but the new model increases the size of the hand-made birch-ply cabinet to accommodate a brand new 12inch version of the Fyne Audio IsoFlare point source driver. The F1-12 will be available in a range of piano-lacquer gloss finishes including black, white and wood veneers with burr-walnut inlay.

Keep an eye on our Bristol Hifi Show 2019 coverage for more on the new Fyne Audio speakers when we see them at the show.


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