APURNA is a new brand of audio amplifier from France, but above all is a brand telling the story of one couple’s “passion for the purest technology and elegance”. After years of work and thought, Catherine and Franck Borne today are proud to launch their analogue amplifier that, they say “delivers not only on performance, but every bit as much on refinement and design”.

They go on to explain: “Every APURNA amplifier is built in France to the very highest quality, the technical choices guaranteeing premium performance while the quality of signal-to-noise ratio ensures the truest sound. Everything is designed to be intuitive and a pleasure to use, thanks to the control module beautifully sculpted from noble metals and fine crystal. APURNA is committed to bringing you the finest range of the most stylish and carefully selected materials. This innovative and luxurious hifi system is patent-protected”.

Committed to offering a truly unique product, APURNA amplifiers can be customised using the very finest materials. This customisation makes our system not only a technological masterpiece, but a beautiful work of art you’ll be proud to display. Every APURNA client has the option to make their amplifier something really special – whether finished in gold, beautifully lacquered, or studded with diamonds, each piece is carefully crafted to your wishes.”

Technical Details

Bandwidth: DC to 430KHz (+0 ; -3dB) or DC to 80KHz (+0 ; -0,1dB)

RMS output power: 200W (8 Ω) ; 400W (4 Ω)

Dimensions: 400x400x245 mm

Weight: 47.5 kg for a standard trim

Inputs available:

2 XLR sockets (1 in Bypass mode)

3 RCA sockets (1 in Bypass mode)

2 Phono level RCA sockets (MM & MC)

Speaker outputs: WBT-0702.01 terminals with 24-carat gold finish.


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