Melco, the digital music library manufacturer, will be introducing its new EX Series range, plus its new S100 audiophile data switch, to The Bristol Hi-Fi Show for the first time.

Melco’s new EX Series represents a major step forward for the audiophile-grade digital music library platform and centres around the introduction of a powerful software suite to Melco’s existing hardware. The upgrades include the Japanese specialist’s recently announced Melco Intelligent Music Library (MIML), vTuner Internet radio and web control (from internet-connected devices).

The S100 Data Switch

Melco’s proprietary-technology ‘extreme-performance’ data switch, the S100, was launched in October 2019 to offer improved sound quality for any network audio device using an Ethernet connection.

In developing the new S100, Melco was able to draw on the design team expertise of (giant) parent company Buffalo Technology. The brief was not to modify a high-end enterprise-level switch, but to design one from scratch, purely for extreme-performance digital audio.

Bristol Hifi Show 2020

The show will see a wide range of high-performance digital music libraries on display, including the recently launched space-saving N100 and N10 models, plus the full-width N1 Series models, including the flagship SSD-based HA-N1Z/2EX-S40. Several other brands will also be using Melco’s digital music libraries to showcase their own hardware.

Melco’s expert UK team, including General Manager Alan Ainslie, will be on-hand to offer advice and answer questions, including advising on the benefits of migrating to Melco from Linn, Naim and other hardware providers. Once again, Melco has a position in the foyer: Bay 1, on the ground floor.

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