The Clarity Alliance, the UK hi-fi industry’s trade body, has announced the membership of new manufacturing company,clarity Kleio Audio Limited to its continually growing number of members.

Kleio Audio, founded by managing director Garry Wise, is a Kent based manufacturer of audio electronics that was founded in April 2012. Since then the company has been involved in an intensive research and development process as it develops its first range of products, the K1 series, which will be launched during the start of the second quarter of 2015.

Commenting on the membership of the company, Laurence Armstrong, chairman of Clarity, says, “The emergence of another British based manufacturing business must be applauded as it is this type of entrepreneurial business which stimulates the UK hi-fi industry and helps ensures is longevity.” He continues, “We are very pleased to welcome Garry and his team into The Clarity Alliance and are looking forward to the unveiling of its products and working with the staff of Kleio as the business grows and develops.”

Garry Wise adds, “Kleio is very pleased to have been accepted as a member of Clarity.  It has been our aim to join the alliance since we began our journey.  We now look forward to networking with others, and working together to promote everything which is great about our industry.” He concludes, “We are a new and exciting company with a fresh approach, and aim to attract a new audience to the industry.  In the future, as we become more established, we hopefully look forward to making a significant contribution to the alliance.”


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