Merrill Audio announces the release of two new models of their Veritas amplifiers, a Dual Mono version called the MerillVERITAS Twins, and Bridged Monoblocks called the VERITAS Siamese Twins. All three models are built around the Hypex Ncore NC1200.
Priced at USD $9,000, the VERITAS Twins Dual Mono Amplifier provides the sonic and build quality of the VERITAS Monoblocks, but in a single chassis for those with less space. Like the VERITAS Monoblocks, the VERITAS Twins is constructed from a single Aluminum billet.  It has a single power cord that powers both channels, which are separated to either side of the chassis. A single Remote Trigger controls both channels.
The VERITAS Siamese Twins Monoblocks, priced at US $18,000, provides a bridged version of the VERITAS Monoblocks.


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