The new KR VA 200 monoblocks with the KR 842vhd tube application from KR Audio will be presented at the Melia Hotel in Milan for the Milano Hi-End show, Saturday and Sunday, April 2-3, 2016 in the Turchese room by Mr. Luigi Bocca of LAB Audio Technology Amministrazione as a world debut before the official presentation at the Munich Hi-End show next month, May 5-8, 2016 Halle 4, U08.VA200

The VA200 is a circlotron with a Lundahl C-core output transformer. The driver stage is equipped with a depletion mode MOSFET transistors. The circuit is fully symmetrical with a differential input stage. The output tubes 8 x KR 842vhd per chassis) are fully auto-biased so no further adjustment is needed after replacement.

The new VA 200 monoblocks uses not only the KR hybrid circuit with the solid state first stage and the 8 x KR 842vhd tube application per chassis in the second stage, but is innovative for the design concept of the circlotron circuit or floating circuit giving the listener 200 watts.

Technical Data ( one channel ) 

Power Tubes: 8 x KR842

Output Stage: Circlotron, class A

Output Power: 200 WRMS (THD=1%)

Output Impedance: 4, 8 W

Frequency Response: 20Hz ¸40KHz (-3dB)

Global Feedback: zero

Input Sensitivity: 1VRMS / 100kW @ 200W

Power requirements: 230/115VAC , 50/60 Hz

Power consumption: 1kVA

Operating temperature: 5C° to 40C°

Weight: Approx.  40Kg

Dimensions including projecting parts and controls (w/h/d): Approx. 38.5  x 28 x 55 cm

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