Pro-Ject Audio Systems have completely  renovated their popular RPM series of turntables throughout the course of 2015. The final adjustment to the range has now been confirmed, in the form of the brand new RPM 5 Carbon.

Designed to replace the award-winning RPM 5, the RPM 5 Carbon takes a technological, audible and aesthetic leap on from the standard set by its predecessor.PJ-Phono-RPM5Carbon-Red

The plinth and  decoupled-motor design has been chosen due to the performance benefits discovered with the range-topping RPM 9 Carbon and RPM 10 Carbon. The low-resonance plinth is finished with a premium quality gloss and topped with carbon fibre. The chassis contains a new inverted platter bearing with ceramic ball for minimal rumble. The whole plinth sits on top of three adjustable spiked feet to further keep resonance away from the record  surface.

The thick acrylic platter is acoustically inert, to ensure the purest playback of any vinyl record. The platter is driven by a fully-detached 15V AC motor, to offer a smooth and consistent rotation thanks to the, DC-driven AC generator built into the motor housing.

The RPM 5 Carbon is supplied with the 9CC Evolution tonearm pre-installed. The 9CC Evolution boasts a 9” one-piece carbon fibre tube and inverted bearing design. The heavyweight assembly and TPE-damped counterweights ensure unwanted resonances are swiftly drawn away from the signal wires. The tonearm is terminated to a junction box, and a quality set of RCA interconnect cables are supplied in the box.

The RPM 5 Carbon is available in three high-gloss paint finishes – black, red and white. UK customers can also have a Quintet Black cartridge pre-installed by their dealer for an additional £400.00, saving

£249.00. The RPM 5 Carbon is supplied with a screw-on record clamp.

SRP £899.00

The RPM 5 Carbon is available in the UK now.

Read the Hifi Pig interview with the President of Pro-Ject Heinz Lichtenegger


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