t|AQWO and c|AQWO complete the AQWO range!

After 2 years of research and development, Métronome has finalised their new AQWO range with two new products: a SACD/CD transport and a D/A converter, respectively named t|AQWO and c|AQWO. 

The top-loading SACD/CD Transport t|AQWO is based on a professional drive mechanism with proprietary improvements. It reads CDs and SACDs and in addition, Métronome implemented a specific re-sampling functionality which allows both down and up-sampling of all formats.

The DAC c|AQWO uses 2 internal conversion processors (AK4497, 32 Bit/768 KHz) -1 per channel. c|AQWO decodes DSD in native form up to 512 and provides “excellent precision combined with aerial sound reproduction loyal to the Métronome sound”.


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