The Portuguese manufacturers say that Shaknspin is “probably the first small, affordable, fully contained Wow&Flutter analyser for turntables”.

Shaknspin has a 500Hz sampling rate and several analysis modes, it can show you the weaknesses and strong points of any turntable drive system characteristics. All source and calculated data is then available for download into a spreadsheet, allowing you to further understand the data and even share it with others, enabling the creation of turntable performance databases.

Shaknspin Wow&Flutter Analyser For Turntables


Using a sophisticated 9 degrees-of-freedom sensor, Shaknspin can accurately measure the rotational speed of your turntable platter, 500 times per second. The Speed option allows the platter speed to be instantly displayed allowing you to confirm that all is well. However, Wow&Flutter analysis is the main purpose. Following an 8 seconds measuring period, the following indicators are calculated and displayed (some only available from the phone app):

  • Average speed in RPM
  • Average speed deviation
  • Max / min speed variation
  • Max% / min% speed variation
  • High pass filtered max / min speed variation
  • W&F DIN
  • W&f WRMS
  • W&F peak-to-peak
  • W&P peak-to-peak 2-sigma
  • Wow
  • Flutter
  • Modulation frequency (primary)
  • Modulation frequency (secondary)
  • Jitter (average speed change / second)

Price And Availablity

Shaknspin is available now, retailing at 250€ for Europe, and 290USD elsewhere (shipping included).

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