New speakers, a sub and DIY speakers from Polish manufacturer KODA.

KODA, a Polish producer of affordable loudspeakers and audio equipment, today unveiled a new high-fidelity bookshelf speaker EX-569T.

KODA EX-569T draws inspiration from the EX line, highly-acclaimed and popular in the early 90’s but fully utilizes the newest technology in building loudspeakers.

Construction Details and Features
Rigid and resonance-limited enclosure made of high-density 12mm MDF boards;
Elegant and robust, high-quality vinyl coating with wood-like texture and the matt black painted front baffle;
High power, silk dome tweeter utilizing upgraded diaphragm material to provide great transparency and neutrality of high frequencies;
Powerful 6.5” low-frequency driver – Kevlar cone and Kapton voice coil with 5N (99.999%) Oxygen Free Copper wiring to provide reach and detailed mids and strong, well-defined and extended bass.


Design2-way, bookshelf
Rear bassreflex
Cabinet walls: 12mm
High Frequency Driver 25mm (1”) Silk dome
Mid-Low Frequency Driver165mm (6.5”) Kevlar
Recommended Amplifier Power 10-100W
Frequency Response 48Hz-20KHz
Impedance 4ohm
Sensitivity 88dB
Dimensions (H x W x D) 33.0 x 19.5 x 24.1 cm
Weight (net) 11.5  kg pair
Finishes:Black, Dark Walnut

KODA SW-850mkII design and technology is based on SW-1000mkII – just a smaller driver and an appropriate enclosure are used.
Construction Details and Features

Rigid and resonance-limited enclosure made of high-density 18mm MDF boards;
Elegant and robust, high-quality vinyl coating with wood-like texture;
Efficient, long excursion 8” woofer with a modified cellulose cone can withstand high power loads for long time;
High-power 100W RMS  / 250W Dynamic Peak amplifier provides deep, punchy bass with low distortions and great linearity;
Down-firing bassreflex port increases air pressure to add even more low-extended bass;

Variable Crossover Frequency (50Hz – 200Hz)
Variable Phase (0 – 180)

L/R(SW) input
PC input (3.5mm)


DesignActive subwoofer
Bottom bassreflex
Bass Driver200mm (8”) Modified cellulose
Frequency Response50Hz-200Hz
Amplifier Power100W RMS / 250W Dynamic Peak
Dimensions (H x W x D)32.2 x 27 x 33.5 cm (with feet)
Weight (net)8.6 kg piece
FinishesBlack, Dark Walnut

DIY – Do It Yourself

From today all private hobbyists in Europe will have an opportunity to buy great KODA transducers which will allow to build or modify various types of speakers or subwoofers.


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