French loudspeaker brand Triangle has introduced two new subwoofers, expanding its Thetis and Tales ranges.

Triangle told us: “The goal was to keep the musicality and the speed of the original subwoofers, while increasing their dynamics with bigger drivers and a higher amplification. The aesthetic quality remains unchanged: an elegant high-gloss cube with aluminium details for the Thetis, and a clean mat finish for the Tales”. Triangle took the opportunity to optimise the amplifiers on all models by focusing on the power handling of the driver at high volume as well as the dynamic range. Tales series now also include an LFE input, enabling crossover control through a home-theatre amplifier.

The Thetis 380 subwoofer (pictured) is Triangle’s most powerful model, the engineering team developed a new 12-inch (30cm) driver for it. The driver uses a composite DFR (Deep Frequency Response) membrane made of cellulose and carbon. Its motor is equipped with a double-coil system. The development went further than just the drivers. The class-D amplifier has been designed from the ground up and now offers an output of 350 watts RMS (500 W peak). The Thetis subwoofers feature various inputs and settings. They include an LFE input enabling parameters to be set directly from the home theatre amplifier, and standard RCA inputs for hi-fi amplifiers. They also feature high-level inputs to connect amplifiers that have no subwoofer output. You can manually adjust the volume, the phase and the frequency roll-off. Benefiting from the research carried out from Thetis 380, Tales has a new 12-inch (30cm) bass driver. The amplifiers of the Tales series have also been Tales 400 offers an output of 300watts RMS (400W peak) and now includes an LFE input, adding to the standard line input found on previous models. It also features an automatic standby, a frequency roll-off, volume and phase control for an optimal fit of the subwoofer in relation to its placement in the room and the main speakers used.

Triangle loudspeakers and subwoofers are available from Elite Audio in the UK.



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