Kronos Audio have said that they will be introducing their new turntable, the Sparta at this years CES. Kronos_Sparta

The Sparta maintains the company’s patented dual counter-rotating suspended technology but offers it a lower priced package.

“We are very excited to offer this performance breakthrough to a wider audience. We have included into Sparta all the core technical elements that have made Kronos a resounding success. We have achieved lower manufacturing cost by streamlining production processes, by innovating the use of efficient materials and by introducing novel engineering solutions” stated Kronos’ president Louis Desjardins.

A variety of tonearms will be able to be used on the new turntable ranging from 9” to 10.5” and a version of the company’s Black Beauty tone-arm (10.5” and exclusive to the Sparta) will be available in limited numbers.

Shipping dates is expected to be March of 2014 and the price is $21 000.

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