Nintronics Hifi shop, in Welwyn Garden City, UK, is hosting a series of Hifi events. There’s a real variety and they look like informative and enjoyable days out.

Saturday 27th July: Isotek – Demystifying Mains Conditioning

Nintronics will be joined by a representative from Isotek to explain and demonstrate the effects that mains conditioning can have.

There will be multiple systems running throughout the day using Isotek mains conditioning products and power cabling. Any purchases made will receive 15% off Isotek electronics and 20% off any cabling.

Saturday 24th of August 2019 – Analogue and Digital With Matthias Boede

Matthias Boede (former editor-in-chief of STEREO magazine in Germany) will be joining Nintronics for a demonstration and talk on analogue and digital sources.

Matthias is an incredible wealth of knowledge and has some unique and exceptional recordings and mediums to hand which help demonstrate different sound experiences; complete with friendly, practical advice on how to achieve a better, more enjoyable sound at home.


Turntable. SME 30/12

Phono Stage. Nagra VPS

Power supply. Nagra Classic PSU

Pre amplifier. Nagra Classic Pre

Power amplifier. Nagra Classic x2

Dac. Nagra Tube Dac

CD player. Nagra CDC

Streamer. Aurender N10

Speakers: Bowers and Wilkins 800 D3 or YG Acoustics.

Saturday 7th September: Roonlabs – Talk with Enno Vandermeer (Founder & CEO)

Roon is a brand which has captured the industry’s interest, with manufacturers from Mcintosh to Naim jumping on board to have their devices Roon ready and certified.

Nintronics will be welcoming Ennoy Vandermeer, Founder and CEO of Roon,  to give all the latest updates and developments from Roonlabs and go through all its functionality. There will be two sessions on the day, first at 11 and second at 2.30pm, plus plenty of listening time in between.

Saturday 21st September: YBA Open Day with Yves-Bernard André

Yves Bernard André a man so passionate about his creations that he used his initials for the brand name YBA  which was founded in 1981. He will be joining  Nintronics to give a talk about his electronics and put on a demonstration of his equipment.

Nintronics will have three YBA systems setup, their main room will be running the YBA system Signature Series Pre and Monos running some Marten Mingus Speakers.

Nintronics say there will be refreshments available on the days of the events and time to play your own music.

Nintronics are based in Welwyn Garden City, for more info and links for these and may other Hifi Shows and Hifi Events worldwide, have a look at our Hifi Diary page!



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