roksponsmallNoble Audio, the Californian in-ear monitor manufacturer, will be showing its entire in-ear monitor range, principally designed by audiologist Dr. John Moulton AuD CCC-A, at headroom at The Indulgence Show (prices from £275-£1,350). Noble will be represented at headroom by its UK audiologist partner Gisele Flower of Aid2Hearing who in addition to retailing all models, provides ear impression-taking services for Noble’s custom models from her Harley Street consultancy. Gisele will be offering impression-taking services at the show, plus advice and support on the entire Noble Audio product range.


Noble’s entire Classic line-up of universal-fit IEMs will be available, along with the K10U and the brand new nine-driver Katana which features proprietary Noble drive units. headroom will be the last chance to see and compare the entire Noble Audio range in a show environment in 2016.

Pricing and availability

All models are available from Aid2Hearing (and headroom show organiser Audio Sanctuary) now: 

Trident: £275

Savanna: £350

Savant: £420

Dulce Bass: £485

Django: £695

K10U: £1,150

Katana: £1,350


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