Noble Audio has launched Prestige: a 10-driver bespoke monitor crafted from a choice of exotic solid materials (from Black and Orange low£1,650)

Prestige is a high-end progression of Noble Audio’s flagship custom K10 and universal-fit K10U IEMs (£999). Like its K10 siblings, Prestige also employs Noble Audio’s 10 driver balanced armature technology.

But, Prestige is an CIEM with a difference! Instead of beginning the manufacturing process with the liquid medium that’s traditionally used, Prestige pieces are hand-crafted entirely from solid mediums. Prestige offers the choice of 30 exotic finish options from a range of solid-construction materials including exotic woods, carbon glass, genuine honeycomb and aluminium webbing.

The Prestige process begins with digitising acrylic moulds of the inner ear using one of the most “advanced 3D-scanning processes available”: over 2.5 million points of data are collected and manipulated per ear. Once digitised, the pieces are painstakingly shaped from a solid medium in a process that can take up to 30 hours per ear. Each piece is then hollowed-out by hand to accommodate the driver assembly and internals, before being finished with a hypoallergenic lacquer and buffed.

Finishes Include:

Exotic wood

Hand-picked and graded for quality, the exotic woods include a curated selection spanning the United States, tropical Africa and South East Asia

Wizard’s wood

Exotic woods combined with colour(s) to create palpable textures and finishes

Dyed wood

Neutral-coloured woods dyed either a single colour, or a progression, enhancing figure and character


Genuine honeycomb cast in various colours creating an organic, naturally occurring, geometric landscape

The Matrix

Similar to honeycomb in terms of pattern, The Matrix consists of an aerospace-grade aluminium webbing that is rigid in structure, but profiles nicely with the contours of the ear

Carbon Glass

Pieces of stiff 12mm carbon fibre infused with various colours and metallic finishes producing a glass-like appearance


10 balanced-armature drivers per side

2 precision-tuned bass drivers

2 precision-tuned mid-frequency drivers

2 precision-tuned mid-/high-frequency drivers

2 precision-tuned high-frequency drivers

2 precision-tuned super-high-frequency drivers

4-way design

Impedance <35 ohms

Detachable cable with industry-standard 2-pin configuration

Hand-crafted from solid materials

Prestige is available now, priced from £1,650


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