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Back in 2018, the new British loudspeaker brand Node launched Hylixa, their ‘Helical Bass’ loudspeaker, which was made possible using advanced laser-based 3D printing.

Since then, the Node’s Cambridge-based team have been busy further refining Hylixa’s sonic performance and aesthetics, culminating in the newly announced Node Hylixa Signature.

Node Hylixa Signature Edition Loudspeakers

The new Node Hylixa Signature Edition Loudspeakers


The most visually apparent upgrade is an all-new base design, featuring a heavyweight disc that has been machined from a solid billet of stainless steel. This helps reduce unwanted vibrational energy. The single central pillar of the legacy model remains, but here it has been thoroughly re-engineered for improved acoustic transparency. Gone is the extruded aluminium, now replaced by a single laser-fused pillar component from the same dynamically inert glass-nylon material as the head of the speaker. This provides increased internal space for the upgraded crossover, completely eliminating the proximity of metal components which can degrade the signal.

Node Hylixa Signature Edition Loudspeakers

The speakers feature a new base

The Node Hylixa crossover sits its 3D chassis, which cradles each component within a rigid body to reduce vibrational interference. Here, the Hylixa Signature goes one step further. A larger, magazine-loaded, laser-fused structure further spaces the components and becomes a structural element to the main pillar for enhanced external vibrational deadening. The binding posts are now at floor level for even more discrete hook-up.


The crossover receives upgraded Mundorf capacitors, with Duelund internal wiring throughout. Node’s Director Ashley May explains more: “Our Hylixa speakers embrace laser-based 3D printing to deliver a product where acoustics and aesthetics converge. However, as innovators and engineers we are constantly pursuing improvements in every area. Node Hylixa Signature is the culmination of several advancements to deliver a better product, and will replace the legacy model as of September 2021.”


As well as the endless cabinet paint options and precious metal fascia plating, the base is available as bright stainless steel or chemically blackened, so prospective owners can create a unique aesthetic to complement their homes. Node offers a complimentary CGI visualisation service for thorough experimentation to achieve the perfect combination.

Node Hylixa Signature Edition Loudspeakers

The Node Hylixa Signature Edition Loudspeakers are 3D printed


Prices start from £30,000 GBP

HiFi Pig Says: We always like to see and hear innovative design in the HiFi world. British brand Node showcase the use of 3D printing in a very high-end product.

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