Mark At Vinyl Passion Music Room was keen to show off his brilliantly detailed blown up model of the Audio Technica ART-1000…It’s the only one in the world and offers you a great, in depth look at what goes into making a cartridge of this calibre.

The larger of the turntables is the Hanss T-30 Reference fitted with an SME-V and the Specialist Audio Technica ART-1000 Cartridge, plus an Audio Mod fitted as second arm with dedicated AT-LP3 Mono cartridge.

The Vinyl Passion VP-12 on the right is fitted with all of the company’s modifications and fitted with an SME 309 and Audio Technica ART-9 Cartridge. Both turntables are wired with Missing Link Pure Silver tone arm cables.

Also in the room are a pair of Quad standmounts and the Kralk Audio Elite V2 loudspeakers. MArk is saying that the Kralks are the best £2500 speaker available in the UK today and I can’t really call him on that as I ordered a pair as soon as I heard them at Kralk HQ some months ago.

Jan was in the Vinyl Village selling their Dustbusters and new turntable mats.

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