Karma AV were another exhibitor who took advantage of having two rooms at the show. In the larger Aston room they’re staging the UK system premiere of the Mark Levinson No 519 player, No 526 preamplifier and No 534 power amplifier, driving JBL 4367, 4429 and the iconic limited edition 4312SE studio monitors. It was the studio monitors playing when we first went in the room and despite their modest £2.5K asking price they were sounding great. Created by JBL to celebrate its 70th anniversary, the 4312SE reprises the driver configuration and aesthetics of the  4310/4311 studio, and L100 ‘Century’ hi-fi monitors from the 70s, and the original 4312 from the 1980s. Power conditioning was provided by Torus.

In Bedroom 1 Karma AV had a Primare 60 Series pre-power system driving the Revel Performa 3 F206 loudspeakers showing that you really don’t have to spend mega-bucks to get great sound from a very home friendly package.

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