UK distributor Audio Emotion have  announced their new partnership with German High-End Audio brand Octave, highly regarded for their build quality and attention to detail,  “everything is manufactured in house.octave_amp

“Anyone who knows us or our business will understand our desire to partner with a company with such high standards and they reflect our own ‘no compromise’ approach to offering the best brands and the best service too”  say Audio Emotion, with Thomas Brieger of Octave adding:

“We do everything in house and our products are completely build in Germany. The heart of this company was founded 1968 as a transformer specialist. We made special high band solutions for the industry (Ultrasound industry and Harman Kardon for example) then 30 years ago the son of the owner started to build his first tube amps and Octave was born. Therefore we do our power supplies and each and every transformer (output transformer, Step-up transformer for phono modules,…) by ourselves. We still have all the winding machines in house. That gives us an unbelievable freedom to do our concept without any compromise”

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